Hale House, Daylesford

BSc Hons, Occupational Therapy, Mental health Accredited Occupational Therapist Registered OT Australia, Registered NDIS provider 

  • Trauma informed practitioner
  • Registered to provide services through Medicare, Work cover, NDIS and some health funds
  • Fiona is trained to deliver in CBT a range of approaches including DBT, EMDR, Sensory Processing and Sensory Profiles

Fiona has 25 years experience working in community and inpatient mental health settings, facilitating group and individual work as well as supporting clients to transition back to their previous roles.

Previous work experience:

  • Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
  • Department of Education and Pinarc Disability Support
  • Counsellor and mental health specialist for Headspace Ballarat
  • Managing the central Victoria branch of Very Special Kids

Fiona is committed to ongoing professional development so that she is able to offer her clients the most up to date evidence-based intervention.

Fiona prides herself on working holistically, focusing on the physical, emotional and social needs of her clients. Drawing on experience she has gained from her extensive career; Fiona aims to deliver solution focused goal directed therapy. She offers a safe space to explore feelings, issues and challenges. By working together with her clients Fiona can help to devise individualised strategies aimed at reducing the impact of life’s challenges, supporting people to participate more fully in their chosen roles.

Fiona is passionate about empowering people to live the life that they chose to the fullest. She is dedicated to supporting people to achieve their goals through a strong, collaborative relationship where the client is an equal partner in the therapeutic process.

She operates from a non-judgmental, client centred, strengths-based model and is committed to guiding people to resolve past trauma, experiences and beliefs which may have prevented them from fully engaging in career, relationships and leisure pursuits.

Fiona supports clients to identify their unique experiences, strengths, and attributes which can be used to draw on to adapt unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and coping strategies. She encourages clients to devise new strategies which can be used to enable them to return to leading a balanced lifestyle.  She aims to empower people to take control over their thoughts and behaviours, improve their confidence and mastery of situations to move forward and achieve their goals.

Fiona has completed training in Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) through the EMDR Australia and New Zealand institute, approved by the founder, Francine Shapiro. Please click here to access videos on the EMDRAA.org website.